Tips on planning a hen party

The chief bridesmaid is responsible for planning a memorable hen party on behalf of the bride (henweekends). The duties and responsibilities can overwhelm you if you fail to plan adequately. The chief bridesmaid should be foster togetherness and involve the girls in making the hen weekend a success. Below are some valuable tips to help you plan one of the most memorable hen weekends of all time.

The Invites

The first step should be coming up with a concise and well thought list of the invites ( The team you pick should have a close relationship with the bride to avoid unnecessary drama and confrontation. Remember, the criteria you pick should dwell more on the quality of friends rather than the quantity. Choose a lot with complementing personalities, people who can blend and fit in quite easily. Consider the reliability factor, too, in case there would be individual contributions. Be aware of the people who are unreliable and prone to dropping out at the last minute.

The Experience

An enhanced experience should emanate from the suggestions opined by the invites. Give them a chance to give their suggestions and then make a draft of activities that match their taste. If the invites are all adrenaline junkies, then consider extreme outdoor fun and activities. If the invites are docile, consider more relaxing and calm activities such as a spa day, attending an evening meal. To culminate, the hen weekend includes the main event like a party. Make a brief itinerary and destinations you purpose to visit.

When to go

The appropriate time to hold the hen weekend is one month before the wedding. The time is ideal since you’ll have adequate time to prepare and relax as you wait for the big day. It gives you the opportunity to prepare for the final wedding stages. Most love birds pick their wedding dates during summer, and it implies that they might have a fair weather hen weekend. Timing is keen and important since the hen weekend should be packed with many outdoor activities.

Where to go

Proper timing will give you a chance to enjoy flight discounts if your team picks an exotic getaway abroad ( It makes it much convenient and affordable for the hens who are lucky to make a list. If there are limited funds, then you can settle for cheaper options and destinations. Consider the budget per person and try to strike a balance so that everybody feels part and parcel of the entire process. Look for the most convenient means of transport and try to save on some expenses.

How long should it take?

It depends on the invites’ availability since the weekend could translate to a one-night extravaganza or from Thursday night to Monday morning. Convenience and funds availability will determine the duration to host the hen weekend. Most hens prefer taking the event throughout the whole weekend, which allows for the proper accommodation of all planned activities. The invites should be consulted and given time to alter their schedule and routine.