Slate house signs

Tiles increase the elegance of the house and the value as well. House signs slate are in different colors, designs, patterns, and materials. They cannot go out of fashion as it is a style quotient. It can be used for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. People are trying to use some bold and creative ideas, inlaying mosaics.

Rather than the same stereotype fashion or the traditional one, everyone tries to use the tiles in their way. The type of mosaics used and the idea of laying them is changed these days.

Mix and match the tiles are the fashion catching up. Trying to lay two completely different tiles to give a completely new look is the present trend. If you want your home to get the ‘wow’ factor, here are some of the mix tile types which may impress you:

Vibrant And Plain design

Bold prints and colors would always be eye-popping. These colors add personality to your home. Mixing the vibrant tiles with the understated ones would give a different look to space. The live tiles can be used for the wall and the neutral tones to the flooring. Accent walls and the backsplashes can be made bright and bold enough to match with the plain tiles on the floor.

civic number of iron on brick of an private house

Get a Cozy Feeling

Slate house signs add more aesthetic feeling to space. If the room is small, then a medium-sized one can be used for the walls, and large rectangular tiles can be used for flooring. The large tiles on the floor make the rooms look big and spacious. For large-sized rooms, tiny mosaics can be paired with the medium-sized marble. If the color is maintained throughout, these stones look marvelous and give a cozy and harmonious feeling.

Maintain The Same Color

Mixing the tiles is fashionable, but the mash of colors may go wrong. It is better to blend the same hue throughout. If a little color is missing, then a contrasting grout can be used to give a gentle pop. Grey grout in between neutral-colored tiles looks trendy.

Add Different Textures

There are different texture tiles in the market. Matt, glossy, wood-look, and slate are available. Different textures can be combined now to give a trendy look to space. The walls can have glossy tiles, and the flooring can have matt tiles. The light is reflected from the walls and makes the room brighter. The walls can be painted, or wallpaper can be pasted.

More creative

There is no necessity to follow a particular pattern to lay tiles. Slate Tile can be laid in any pattern with different sizes of natural stone to get a beautiful layout. These size arrangement maybe like a jig-saw puzzle. But the finishing would be great. 30×30, 60×60 and 60×40 size stones are fitted together

Slate house signs